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Martin Wicramasinghe,  The Great Author of Nation
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The Martin Wicramasinghe Trust Fund

The objectives of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust have been presented in detail under that heading in the website menu. All expenditure for achieving these stated objectives of the Trust have and continue to be met from the Trust Fund.

The Martin Wickramasinghe Museum of Folk Culture in Koggala is one of the major undertakings of the Trust. The entire cost of the buildings for the Museum complex, and the acquisition of the artefacts on display amounting to more than a thousand items, have been met from the Trust Fund. The income from the small entrance fee charged from visitors to the Museum meets only a minor part of the large recurrent expenditure incurred in the maintenance of the Museum Complex with its surrounding eight acres of Parkland. The major part of the expenditure on maintenance has therefore also to be met from the Trust Fund.

Logo of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust
Logo of the
Martin Wickramasinghe Trust
The donation of Martin Wickramasinghe's collection of over 5000 volumes, and its installation in the Hall of Literature and Life housed in the National Library and Documentation Centre in Independences Square, is another major undertaking of the Trust. The maintenance and further development of these undertakings, as well as the cultural and educational activities and projects of the Trust also make heavy demands on the Trust Fund.

The copyright of Martin Wickramasinghe's writings, and rights of cinematic, television and audio-visual productions based on them, have been donated to the Trust by the family of the late Martin Wickramasinghe. The income from royalties from publications of all his writings and all productions based on them, therefore accrue entirely to the Trust Fund. The house in Nawala where Martin Wickramasinghe lived has also been donated to the Trust by the family, to be used as the office and institutional centre for activities of the Trust. Personal donations and investments made for the benefit of the Trust by members of the family are additional sources of funds.The Trust Fund has also received donations from individual well-wishers and companies.

The Martin Wickramasinghe Trust has been approved by the Government of Sri Lanka as a charitable Trust, and donors are entitled to tax concessions in Sri Lanka, on donations made to the Trust Fund.

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