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Martin Wicramasinghe,  The Great Author of Nation
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His death ran headlines in all the newspapers.

Martin Wickramasinghe's writings both as author
and journalist covering a span of over fifty years
had been read in almost every home. His death
after a short illness was a loss felt not only by
family friends and admirers, but also amongst the people of Sri Lanka in general.

Last rites in his birthplace

It was Martin Wickramasinghe's wish that his last rites be performed in Koggala. His cremation was simple and traditional.

Samadhi in Koggala.

Samadhi, in Koggala near the house where he was born. Martin Wickramasinghe's ashes were buried here in 1976. His wife Prema Wickramasinghe's ashes were buried besides his in 2001.

The simple Samadhi blends with the surrounding
rural parkland, in which he roamed as a child. A
small vault containing a laminated copy of his
much loved novel Gamperaliya, a copper plate engraved with the titles of the books he wrote and
the lyrics of the ode to Martin Wickramasinghe written by Mahagamasekara are buried under the head stone, which is a rock from near the reef with its marine life that prompted him as a child to read books on biology.

1st day postal cover with the commemorative stamp.

First day cover of stamp issued as part of the centenary celebrations of Martin Wickramasinghe's birth. Stamp bulletin issued with the 1st day cover
on National hero's day states that Martin Wickramasinge is the foremost of intellectual of
Sri Lanka of this century.

Chairman of the Trust in his library.

Handing over the books to the National Library in
1980 in the presence of the Chairman of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust Moratuwe Sasanarathana Nayaka Thero. After his death in 1981, Akuratiye Amarawansa Nayaka Thero succeeded him as Chairman of the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust.

100th Birth Anniversary celebrations.

Minister W.J.M Lokubandara and Martin Wickramasinghe's wife Prema lighting the lamp
at the inauguration of the 100th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Martin Wickramasinghe in the year 1990.

Seventh day Alms giving.

Alms giving, on the seventh day after his death took place in the house in Koggala where he was born.

Launching of Ape Urumaya ha Bhikshun Wahanse.

Launching of first posthumously published book
by Martin Wickramasinghe "Ape Urumaya Ha Bhikshun Wahanse" (Our Heritage and the Sangha). There have been three other unpublished books of Martin Wickramasinghe's writings published posthumously.

Ven. Akuratiye Amarawansa Nayaka Thero.

Chairman, Martin Wickramasinghe Trust, Chief Incumbent Vidyodaya Pirivena, Chief Sangha Nayaka Southern Sri Lanka, Panditha, M.A., Author of Vansattappakasini, Maha Vansa Tika, Divyavadanaya etc.

Professor Trevor Ling.

Professor Trevor Ling lighting the traditional lamp with Ven. Sasanarathana Nayaka Thero & Prema Wickramasinghe just prior to delivering his Martin Wickramasinghe lecture.

The Martin Wickramasinghe Lectures.
Martin Wickramasinghe lectures were inaugurated in 1978. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Professor Joseph Needham. The purpose of these lectures was to present the views of internationally acknowledged intellectuals on areas of knowledge explored by Martin Wickramasinghe to local audiences. Although most of the lectures were delivered in English, translations of the text of the lecture in Sinhala and Tamil were given to the audience at the lecture itself.

History and Human Values:
A Chinese Perspective for World Science and Technology
: Professor Joseph Needham F.R.S
Philosophy Buddhist and Marxist:
Agreement and Disagreements.

: Professor Trevor Ling M.A. ph.D - 1979 -
Language Culture and National Consciousness:
Modern Perspectives from Soviet Ethnographical Research
: Professor Yulian Bromley - 1980
Darwin, Darwinism and the Condition of Man.

: Professor A.C.J. Weerakoon - 1983
Sociology and Literature.

: Professor Antony Flew -1988
Martin Wickremasinge 's Vision of National Identity.
: Dr. Nalin de Silva -1989 -90
Pandula Endagama
Victor Ivan

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