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Martin Wicramasighe,  The Great Author of Nation
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Song in homage

Song in Homage



Lyrics by Mahagama Sekara.

Melody composed and sung by Pandit W.D.Amaradeva.


Mahagama Sekara's Ode to Martin Wickramasinghe

The melodious heartbeat of our folk life,
The rhythm that flows in your words,
Two thousand years of Sinhala heritage,
The soul that dwells in your words

In the silent letters of your writings,
The heart hears an inspiring song ,
Guiding us from our ancient past,
The corner stones for a new age.

Riding the tide of a changing world,
Tempering the ardour of youth.
You, the fountainhead of their vision
The pathfinder pointing the way.

To find a destiny free of doubt and fear
In our golden gem studded land
In the nascent scent of its upturned earth
With your blessings we set forth

In that journey, over hill and mount,
We turn to your towering strength,
You our unfailing guiding beacon,
You our unfailing source of light.


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