Martin Wickramasinghe
Martin Wicramasighe,  The Great Author of Nation
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Bibiliography 1
(Prepared by Dhanapala Gunasekara)
This is a comprehensive classified Bibliography of all Martin wickramasinghe's writings fiction and
non- fiction.The classification and cataloguing includes a comprehensive subject index in both both Sinhala and English.
Part 1 Part 2
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Bibiliography 2
(Prepared by Nuwaraeliye Hemapala)

This is a comprehensive classified Bibliography of critical evaluation of Martin Wickramasinghe's writings covering the entire period of his literary life, and posthumously up to the year 2000. It includes both an author index and a subject index.
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His output both as a journalist and author owes not a little to his great knowledge ot eastern and western literature, philosophy and art, reflecting the wide spectrum of his interests. I notice from my collection of books published by him such as: "Aspects of Sinhalese Culture", "Buddhism and Art", "The Jataka Stories and the Russian Novel", "Evolution and Revolution" and the "Mysticism of D.H. Lawrence". For one who has published over a dozen novels and is regarded by good judges as the foremost short-story writer in the Sinhalese language, the scope of his work is, to say the least, amazing.
    H. A. J. Hulugalle
Koggala was Wickramasinghe's universe, the 'slice of life presented for the serene joy and emotion of the common man', the postscript with which he concludes The Changing Village and its two sequels -The Age of Kali and On the Edge of an Era.
Beginning with one of the most unspoilt shorelines on which the Indian Ocean pounds, Koggala sits on the edge of a vast plain which stretches almost like a billiard table up to the foothills of the central massif of Sri Lanka. Here the eye travels long distances undisturbed. There are no deep shadows as in the hills to shroud the mind. The sky is clear and open and the sun falls free all day except when the monsoon rains blow from the sea towards the distant hills.
Here the mind is free to wander across the vast open sea, through the home gardens where tall palms and fruit trees stand clear of each other with plenty of space between, and over the glistening water of the river to the blue line of hills far away. Life itself was functional and unembroidered. But there was grace in that simplicity, a dignity and seamless elegance.
This was both the womb and the cradle of Martin Wickramasinghe's genius. Its essence flows through his creativity and lies like a memory in the texture of all his work.
    Tissa Abeysekara

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